Time Line

Day 1, Wednesday
10 March
We spent the afternoon flying to Jackson. Robert ridicules the flight attendant.
Day 2, Thursday
11 March
Marie and I went cross-country skiing in the morning. In the afternoon, I shoveled snow while Marie soaked in the view and caught some Zs. Everyone went to bed early.
Day 3, Friday
12 March
We get up at the crack--no before the crack--of dawn and go snowmobiling up in Yellowstone National Park.
Day 4, Saturday
13 March
More cross-country skiing with Karen and Marie. In the afternoon we go see the elk. We have dinner at the Snake River Grill where I have venison and Seth has buffalo.
Day 5, Sunday
14 March
Ken, Seth, Robert, Marie and I pile into Ken's 4-Runner and drive back. Robert gets his first speeding ticket. We eat at the Silver Legacy in Reno--a place almost as unreal as Las Vegas.

Ian Flanigan
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